Protecting those Pearly Whites

    Ever had a friend that did not brush their teeth very often? Even in todays age of heightened hygiene some of the people around us do not work to maintain good oral health. There are many reasons for brushing ones teeth often. There is no real reason to not take care of ones teeth.

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) said “1 out of 20 middle-age adults are missing all their teeth.” This is still a large number of people who do not have teeth, and we do not need to contribute to it any longer. Brushing one’s teeth is good for ones health. It reduces the chance of getting cavities which can cause pain during everyday activities such as eating. Brushing ones teeth also protects your gums from harmful bacteria.

Ask most anyone and they can tell you that not brushing your teeth is bad. When asked about people not brushing their teeth, UAA athlete Grant George said, “They are going to encounter dental problems soon.” When college student Maiong was interviewed, she said, “Their teeth could go bad.” This practice of brushing teeth should be something everyone does now. Brushing teeth is essential to protecting your mouth from loss of teeth due to gum disease which is the receding of the gums due to infection. The CDC states that diseases such as diabetes increase the chance of gum disease. This is a great reason to be serious about oral health.

A final reason to keep ones teeth clean is self image. Bad breath is not something others want to smell. When asked “How do you feel about people who do not brush their teeth often?” Hugh Barnett, a college student, said “laziness to be honest.” How a person takes care of themselves gives people a picture of what that person must really be like.

Tell your friends to take better care of there teeth or they may just lose them. For more information about oral health check out the CDC’s website


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CDC information:


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