Surviving Winter

    With winter just around the corner one would have to think about how they will get through this long stretch of cold. A never ending onslaught of that horrible white stuff. How do Alaskans survive the winter? After further investigation some fellow Alaskans have released there solutions to battle the coming months of winter.

A good way to defeat the winter blues is to embrace it. Get out in the cold, and do all one can to make winter a friend. Amber Reichardt, a student at UAA, said she rides her bicycle “all year round.” For all those that stay inside she says “Just have to have a reason to get out.”

Doing some actives outside is not a bad idea. Physical activity is good for everyone’s health. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that physical activity helps to give a individual better weight control. The CDC also says it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and some cancers. Bone and muscle strength as well as overall health and mood are improved. With all these benefits one would want to get outside.

Indoor activities are a good way to take the mind off of the ice and snow. It may be video games or it could be working out at the gym whatever helps to make ones thoughts positive. UAA student Rian Allen said she power lifts and that during the winter months she spends that time training. In her own words, “Keeps me sane.”

After final investigation a it has been found that some do not even have the time to dread the winter. Instead they just keep on doing what they have to do. Maeseng Lee, a busy college student at UAA, says during winter its “just school and work.”

For all of those that will be staring out the window dreading the coming months. The best advice one can get is do not be idle. Do something, it can be work, school, or extra curricular activities. It is shown that Alaskans are not idle, and the best way to get to the glorious summer months is keeping the mind occupied. For more information on how physical activity benefits a persons health go to the CDC’s website.


Amber Reichardt

Maeseng Lee

Rian Allen



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