What is News

My kind of news may not be someone else’s kind of news. There is a large number of people in this world and they all like different things. The news can carry a solid definition, but the kind of news people observe and digest can be different. There are several different things that I get my image of news from. What makes news, the different mediums of news, and different news for different people are all things that in my mind really help define what the news is here and now.

What makes news is information and the stories that are created from that information. All of this information is packaged to the readers in the form of a story and sent to the readers through various different mediums. This type of content from which different news stories are created can range from political campaigns to brand new consumer products. Everyone sees news differently. Somethings that might make headlines in ones mind might not be headlines in the mind of another. News helps to inform the populace about important information of various forms to help citizens be active in their surrounding community. Everyone is effected by everything. If something happens around the world somehow it will effect something in ones own home.

There are different mediums for the packaging of news. These mediums allow people to digest information in easy ways. Probably the most well known and longest used medium is the newspaper. Newspapers are put in stores everywhere and allow reader to read interesting stories that are about the community. Television news networks are a major sources of information for people today. These news programs being hour long shows help to give people daily information. 24 hour news networks have gained popularity, such networks such as FOX and CNN are played on television sets everywhere giving people breaking news. One of my favorite mediums is to gain information through magazines. One can gain information through many different magazines about many different subjects. I read muscle car magazines and these give myself the latest information on newest parts and information to help improve the classic car hobby. Magazines like this keep the readers informed with news about their type of interest. Today the internet helps to give people information faster than most all media out there. With the growing number of news sites available for viewing. Any kind of news can be accessed at anytime. The most recent type of news medium is through social media. With social media breaking stories can be told to thousands of people instantly through a tweet or status update.

Not everyone is the same, there are some people that just can not agree on anything. News does not always seem important to some people. A good example of this is maybe the news runs some little stories along the lines of cute puppy jumps on baby. This is not news or something that really sparks my interest. Another example would be a celebrity couple breaking up. Now to people who are interested in these kinds of things it might be news, but to myself it is not. This is on the border line of entertainment and not really news. It doesn’t really help people in anyway. Since everyone has different tastes it is hard to get news that shows issues that should be taken care of instead of entertainment.

The news industry is always changing and always working hard to get the next big story to the people. All different types of information makes up our news. There are many different types of mediums from which news is distributed to the public. Not everyone likes the same kind of news. All of these things define what news really is to myself. I gravitate toward news that helps to better our current situation, and inform the citizen about what is going on in the world around them.


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