Strain on College Athletes

    College athletes are some very hard working people. The stress of classes can be a extremely tiresome burden on the average college student. Athletes sometimes face a very large burden compared to the average college student. But what is it exactly that makes the juggling of athletics and sports so hard?

    All athletes need to train, and stay in shape. Without there necessary requirements a athlete’s performance would be very poor. Training takes up a large segment of a athlete’s week. In a USA Today article about practice time, it was revealed that the NCAA only allows coaches to take 20 hours out of a athletes week for training. 20 hours is almost a whole days worth of time that is sunk in to the improvement of athletic performance, and physical fitness. With all of this time spent on just training alone a college athlete has less time to finish homework than a average nonathletic student. Grant George, a member of the UAA track and field team, said he  spends a total of 640 hours training from September to the last week of May. This is not including all the time that track meets take.

    Injuries are always a risk in college sports. Students from campus all around the nation suffer from a variety of sports related injuries. Dealing with these injuries take a large physical burden on athletes. says that some of the most dangerous college sports are football for men, and cheerleading for women.

    Athletic competitions require athletes to travel, and miss classes. With the loss of these classes athlete’s can miss the opportunity to take in valuable information that they would gain in class. Traveling can require plane flights, and lots of nights spent in hotels.  According to, research has show that students who show up to class more often do better on exams.

   With such a strain on college athletes it is important for a athlete to work extra hard, and manage their time. If one does not manage their time their grades will plummet. Keep on working hard athletes your schools are cheering for you!


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